Data Protection

The software used to collect statistical data documenting visits to this online presence is Piwik.

When accesing the websites of Karl Heinz Dietrich GmbH & Co. KG Internationale Spedition (short ‘KHD’), data records consisting of the following contents will be saved to the webserver:

  • The website and respectively the IP-address from which the file was requested or the KHD website accessed
  • The name of the file, respectively the page accessed
  • Date and time of access
  • Duration of visit on the KHD websites
  • Number of accessed sites per visitor and session
  • The amount of data transmitted
  • The access status (Was the file found? Was it transmitted? etc.)
  • Description of the web browser and operating system used

The data saved only contains your system environment and access details; the data saved is therefore entirely anonymous, since no personal data such as name or contact details are collected.
Furthermore, all data records are analyzed for the exclusive purposes of system security and statistics, i.e. in order to obtain an overview over frequency, source and functionality of access to individual service segments.
Data will not be passed on to third parties or analyzed any further.

Disable data collection for web statistics

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