Our warehouses in key global locations allow for tailor-made solutions to comprehensively meet your individual logistic demands.

Whether you are in need of short or long term storage, cross-docking, supply-chain solutions or value added services, we are confident that our warehouse management system will give you flexibility and full control over your inventory. We take care of everything from packing to delivery of the goods stored in our warehouses.

We offer the following storage types in selected locations:

  • Open bonded warehouses
  • Cold warehouses
  • High rack warehouses
  • Distribution warehouses
  • Airfreight distribution warehouses
  • Airfreight secured warehouses
  • Container packing stations

Overview of our warehouses

Germaringen (Germany)

1.400 m² Airfreight secured warehouse / Airfreight distribution warehouse
1.700 m² Block warehouse
9.800 m² High rack warehouses
1 warehouse a 3.400 m², 1 warehouse a 6.400 m²

Hamburg (Germany)

2.200 m² Distribution warehouse
2.300 m² Open bonded warehouse / Distribution warehouse / Block warehouse

Neu Wulmstorf (Germany)

17.600 m² Distribution warehouse

Mannheim (Germany)

820 m² Airfreight distribution warehouse

Kaiserslautern (Germany)

2.000 m² Distribution warehouse / Block warehouse
2.900 m² Airfreight secured warehouse / High rack warehouse / Push-back pallet racking / Block warehouse

Bucharest (Romania)

80.000 m² High rack warehouses / Distribution warehouses
11 warehouses a 5.300 m², 2 warehouse a 10.500 m²

Brasov (Romania)

32.000 m² High rack warehouses / Distribution warehouses
4 warehouses a 5.300 m², 1 warehouse a 10.000 m²

Cluj (Romania)

20.000 m² High rack warehouses / Distribution warehouses
2 warehouses a 10.000 m²

Timisoara - Sacalaz (Romania)

30.000 m² High rack warehouses / Distribution warehouses
3 warehouses a 10.000 m²

Sibiu (Romania)

15.300 m² High rack warehouses / Distribution warehouses
1 warehouse a 5.300 m², 1 warehouse a 10.000 m²

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