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Transports to China / Hong Kong

Karl Heinz Dietrich – International Logistics – is your specialist for transportation between Germany and China/Hong Kong. Our forwarding services offers transportation by air freight, sea freight and – on the new Silk Route – by rail. Our customers benefit from our strong network and our long-standing expertise in China/Hong Kong.

Our logistics services at a glance:

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Karl Heinz Dietrich (KHD) Services in China/Hong Kong

The KHD Group has many years of experience in logistics and has a strong and reliable network in Europe and China/Hong Kong.

For our customers we take care of the import and export of textiles, machines, chemicals, household goods, toys, furniture, food and all kinds of consumer goods.

We also have expertise in the sea transport of foodstuffs such as coffee, cocoa, wine and frozen fish. For a large retail discounter in Germany we take care of the complete supply/logistics chain including sea freight from China/Hong Kong to our warehouse. Many of our other customers can count on this expertise, for example customers in the DIY market, in wholesale, mechanical engineering and in the solar technology sectors.

In addition to FCL (Full Container Load), we also offer LCL (Less than Container load) shipments with our own collection services and in cooperation with selected partners. On top of this, KHD offers a simple solution to reduce freight costs for our customers with a customized freight consolidation (Buyers Consolidation).

Alongside our door service and inventory and order management, we can also handle customs clearance and transport insurance.

If requested, we can ensure end-to-end transparency for all parties involved in the transportation.

If consignments are ever too large for a standard container, KHD offers a full range of services from special equipment to conventional loading (break bulk).

Karl Heinz Dietrich also offers the option of handling transport by rail from and to China via the new Silk Route (the trans-Siberian Railway).

Transit time on this stable and reliable route averages 16-18 days and is up to 65% cheaper than air freight. Using the Silk Route strikes a balance between sea and air freight transport and is considered the most environmentally-friendly means of transport between China and Europe.

A variety of customers in the mechanical engineering, clothing, textile and furniture industries rely on the KHD to transport their goods by FCL and LCL from and to China.

Value Added Services

Karl Heinz Dietrich offers the services provided by a consolidation centre in both China and Germany. Currently we have warehouses in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and Qingdao.

For a customer of ours in the shoe industry for example, we operate a B2C warehouse in Hong Kong. From here, orders placed on TMall and Alibaba are picked and packed, and then delivered to the end customer. This also happens with cross-border transports from Hong Kong to China.

KHD supports customers in their B2C business, delivering goods from China, bought through Amazon for example, to the end consumer. The field of FBA (freight-by-Amazon) has also gained in importance. Here, KHD is responsible for the unloading of containers as well as relabelling goods and stacking them on pallets, always working in accordance with Amazon’s strict requirements and those of our customers.

We would be delighted to undertake your deliveries to the respective Amazon central warehouse, including time-band bookings. Furthermore, together with our partners we can also arrange the quality control of suppliers on site.

Cost-effective transport between Europe and China/Hong Kong

Given KHD’s high volumes, our customers stand to benefit from good connections to major courier services and from resulting low prices.

Tapping new markets in China/Hong Kong

Our customers benefit from our strong network and our expertise in China/Hong Kong. We would be glad to help you build up new markets and launch your products.

Facts about the KHD Logistics company in China/Hong Kong

  • We have our own LCL collection service to Shanghai

  • We have been active in Asia for over 10 years

  • We have a strong network through 9 branches of agents

  • We have a team of 250 employees

  • We have a growing air freight team