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China & Mexico – still a big deal

15 January 2024

Since our foundation in 1999 the economic relationship between the two countries has been an important factor for our local activities.

At the beginning, most shipments were part of the global RFQs, organized and handled by our partners. Little by little the situation changed, and in the 2010s majority of the business was generated directly in Mexico.

In 2018 we helped the first Chinese supplier of BMW to import machinery for their production plant in the state of San Luis Potosí. Since 2019, we export tire prototypes all over the world, China included.

Nowadays, we assist Mexican companies with their imports of raw material or production parts. Chinese WCA partners have found a trustful partner with Dietrich, and we are handling plenty of DAP/DDP shipments which arrive by air or sea.

Despite the nearshoring tendency, commerce between both countries is far from over. With Chinese companies settling down in Mexico, the situation might change. It’s a matter of adapting, searching, and finding the opportunities.

With some anticipation, we wish all our friends and partners a Happy Chinese New Year!